Learning the Art of Self-Love

“Love is the great miracle cure. Loving ourselves works miracles in our lives”
-Louise Hay-
Practicing the art of self-love can often be difficult to fully accept. We are faced with daily encounters and circumstances which challenge us to make decisions that affect ourselves and others. As humans, we are chronically plagued by past situations, which were oftentimes beyond our control, such as in our childhood and early youth. Our reactions or decisions we made that felt incorrect can haunt us for years. We hold onto our negative emotions, such as fear, guilt, pain, and hurt, as if they were our friends. All of these built up emotions can cause us to see ourselves in a different light. As a result, we may lack self-esteem or self-love and forget to have compassion and forgiveness for ourselves.
Think about it! Have you ever consoled a friend who made a mistake who had a hard time forgiving themselves for it? Did you see their situation from a place of love? Why is it so hard for us to treat ourselves the same way we’d treat our friends? You must evaluate yourself. Are you a perfectionist who is scared to make a mistake? Are you afraid of how the world will view you? Are you holding onto a condition that an authority figure expected of you? Maybe a root issue is what really needs to be worked on and forgiven. We can’t possibly move forward if we don’t practice compassion for ourselves.
Be Honest With Yourself: Before reprimanding or judging yourself, try to step out of yourself and the situation at hand. See yourself as a friend would and try to show a little compassion. You can honor yourself by accepting that you made a mistake. Acceptance is important and helps you acknowledge a mistake, yet offers you the option to grow by forgiving yourself and moving forward.
You’ve Paid Your Price: How long have you been punishing yourself? You’ve probably been paying your emotional debt for days, months or even years. That stops now. Realize that nobody can punish you more than you’ve punished yourself. Give yourself a break and know that what you suffered in guilt, regret, or fear is enough. Choose forgiveness!
See Yourself as God Sees You: Remember that you were put on earth to learn, grow, and evolve. You are living a human experience and part of that experience is making mistakes and learning from them. This is what makes you rich in knowledge and experience. Allow yourself to see the world, and yourself, through the eyes of the divine. You were made from perfection and it’s our imperfections that make us perfect. Give yourself a break and allow yourself to be you. Continue to learn, grow, and evolve and, most of all, love yourself through it!