Home & Office Energy Balance

The purpose of Home and Office Energy Balancing is to create environments where you live and work that are vital, balanced, and supportive of the energy and creativity of the inhabitants of those spaces. Most home and work environments fall far short of that ideal and either contain energy qualities that are detrimental to health, or lack the qualities that enhance life and provide balance to the body. The most common sources of detrimental energy qualities that affect home environments include electromagnetic fields, geopathic stress (earth based sources), harmful emissions from products and materials, and negative emotional imprints from the activities that have taken place in the environment.

We are not at all separate from the spaces that surround us, and the quality of the environments we spend the most time in—our homes, bedrooms, and working offices—can profoundly affect our moods, our energy levels, how quickly we recover from stress and illness, and the kinds of interactions we have with others. These relationships with the spaces we visit or inhabit occur whether we are aware of them or not. The effects that we experience are immediate and testable and, over time, deeply impact us in ways we often attribute to other sources.

Energetic qualities fall on a continuum from being vitality enhancing or extremely harmful to us, and everything in between; rarely are they completely neutral. The natural earth qualities like earth, air, fire, and water qualities are fundamental to natural systems, are mostly life-positive—when we are in natural environments we feel good, and they bring balance to the body. The qualities associated with the color spectrum have an immediate effect on mood and are instrumental in healing. Spiritual qualities like compassion or beauty have similar effects—they lift our spirits, alter our consciousness, and encourage our connection to each other and the world around us. The goal of any work with environments is to remove toxicity and add positive qualities so the residents and visitors benefit from being in the space.

The Open Mind Center is now offering Home and Office Energy Balancing services. Please contact us to find out more about how we can help you create a wonderful feeling, healthy, and harmonious environment in your home or office.