Featured Product: Chakra Candle by Terra Essentials


Here at the Open Mind Center, we are excited to add a new member to one of our most popular times in the store. For many years we’ve had the successful Terra Essentials Line of candles. Now, for the first time however, we also carry the “Chakra Candle.” This vibrant candle features seven layers of different colors. It’s a rainbow of hues. Each one of the layers aligns with a specific chakra. All those different colors corresponds to a matching the chakra. At the very top of the candle, there are seven additional chakra stones. Each one is laid out in a circular shape. They are there to help you balance your blocked or otherwise dormant chakras. What a great way to clear your energy centers!

The Terra Essential candles are some of the most useful products we have in the store. They are intentioned based. This means that they will help you with the things that you ask it to help you with. They also have essential oils infused in them. Each candle is made from soy wax. Soy based wax is safe and non-hazardous. You can use on your skin. The Terra Essential candles are extremely popular amongst massage therapists and people who are prone to dry skin.

Stop by the Open Mind Center and see what all the rage is about. We are more than happy to show you one of our most popular products. And feel free to check out our other types of Terra Essential candles. The scents range from Nag Champa, Lavender Blossom, Lemongrass & Eucalyptus to Sweetgrass and Sage Smudge, and Jasmine. You can also go on to our website, theopenmindcenter.com and order from the comfort of your own home. There you can find all of candles, books, statues, and whatever else we have available in the store.