Book Review: YogaLean by Beth Shaw

YogaLean, by Beth Shaw, is not just another weight loss book; it is a lifestyle guide. It’s for both our bodies and our minds. Right from the beginning, Shaw is adamant that this book is not about being skinny; it’s about being lean, as in fit and healthy.

The Book is broken down into two parts that focus the reader on what they should be gaining out of practicing Yoga. Part one is all about the power of Lean and part two is gaining something that author calls “Lean Consciousness.” Each chapter focuses on a different component to aid in creating a healthy and fulfilling life. You will learn about clearing your space, eating right, understanding your body type, centering yourself in yoga, and how to take up cardio and weight training exercises. There are chapters on breathing techniques to try every day, workouts that can be done at home, and delicious recipes. Shaw gives a lot of advice on working on the self from the inside out. For the mind, a few things she suggested are journaling, meditation, and clearing space, physically and mentally. For the body, she gives Ayurvedic advice along with a healthy diet and consistent exercise. Based on your dosha, she provides tips on how you can keep it balanced through activities and food. And all of it culminates in finding your higher purpose, giving back, and creating good karma.

The recommended exercises and yoga poses are well explained through words and pictures. The recipes are also detailed and broken up into categories such as recipes for immunity, relaxation, and energy.

If you’re feeling stuck or lost in your weight loss or wellness journey, try reading YogaLean. Even if you don’t follow everything, there are bounteous nuggets of information to help you on your journey for health.