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Holding Space

Holding space is an act of love. Holding space is a beauty path, a golden road, a Tao.” -Erica Ross A light house beacon burns brightly in the distance. Its rhythmic blinking gives direction and comfort to the boats in the harbor, as well as to the loved ones on shore waiting for their sailors […]

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Chrysoprase: Stone of New Beginnings

Chrysoprase is typically apple-green to yellow-green in color and is part of the microcrystalline quartz group known as Chalcedony. This mineral forms in cavities of lava and gets its green color from nickel. It has been found in Brazil, Australia, California, Russia, Poland, and Germany. The word Chrysoprase means, “golden leek”. Chrysoprase has been used […]

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When the Souls Speaks: How to Listen

Daily life is a symphony created by the melody of our conscious living and the harmonies and cacophonies of our unconscious living. Despite our intentions and will power, much of what happens in our lives seeps up from some uncontrollable place, and often yields chaos. While it is natural to choose who we want to […]

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Welcome to The Open Mind Center’s official blog. We’re glad you’ve made it here. For those who don’t know, The Open Mind Center is a holistic and wellness center located in Roswell, GA. We opened our doors in 2008 with the intention of doing our part in healing those in the community that needed healing. […]

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