Being Authentically YOU!

Recently, we’ve noticed an influx of hidden spiritualists coming to the center. We’ve heard that our atmosphere allows everyone a place and community where they are allowed to be authentic to who they really are. Though we love providing a place for people to evolve into themselves, we began to ponder why it’s so hard to tell our friends, family members, and even strangers about our spiritual side, as if being spiritual is something to be ashamed of.

What is it that holds us back from being open about our spirituality? Fear, rejection, and judgment tend to be the three common feelings associated with hiding parts of ourselves from others. Why fear the reactions that others may have towards your beliefs? Will that change who you are? Will your life suddenly shift in some way? You may be exactly the person to open their minds to new ways of thinking. Maybe you’re just the right one to help them accept other people for who they are.

Just as everything else in life, it takes time to become open about your new thought beliefs. First, you must be comfortable with who you are and accept yourself fully. You can’t speak with confidence about yourself if you aren’t comfortable with who you are. Second, it’s imperative that you practice what you preach; people can see through deceit easily. If you aren’t walking the path that you are teaching others about, they will see that and run towards the nearest exit. Next, have an air of confidence; people believe what they cannot break. Speak what you know and really believe in it. Let your spirit shine through as you speak to others about the positive effects your spirituality has had on your life. Last, but not least, accept others as they are. Your goal shouldn’t be to convert others to your way of life. By sharing your spiritual beliefs, you are simply being authentic to you. Allowing yourself to be vulnerable and sharing the parts of yourself that you’re most afraid of being judged can only make you stronger.

You don’t have to shout from the rooftops about who you are, but by planting a seed here and there, you are allowing yourself to grow. The Open Mind Center will be here as your safe haven on your journey to authenticity!