Crystal Shapes

Some of the most commonly available shapes found among crystals are:

  • Clusters – a small grouping of crystals which have naturally grown together. They are great for cleansing, invigorating or even calming an atmosphere.
  • Double Terminated – crystals with distinct points at each end. The two points allows the crystal to channel energy in two directions at the same time.
  • Single Terminated – these have a single point at one end and are rough or rounded on the other. They are used widely in cleansing, healing, meditating and in jewelry making.
  • Raw Chunks – crystals in their natural, unpolished state. They are great to meditate with, energizing a room or even to carry as a pocket stone.
  • Tumbled – crystals whose surface have been polished to a smooth surface by tumbling them several times with other stones or crystals. People may carry them as pocket stones or use in jewelry.
  • Cut Crystals – crystals which have been cut into shapes and polished such as a pyramid or sphere. These shapes are not only attractive, but they also amplify the energy of the crystals.

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