Private Yoga classes | Private Yoga Lessons Near Me

Private Yoga classes | Private Yoga Lessons Near Me

The Open Mind Center yoga studio offers personalized Private Instruction sessions specific to each student’s goals, needs and unique physical ability.

Looking for private yoga instructor? Take private Yoga lessons and classes that will be tailored to your individual needs, adapted to your skill, and fitness levels.

Private Instruction is probably right for you if:

  • You are just beginning a practice of yoga.
  • You have health-related concerns about previous or current injuries.
  • You are recovering from an illness.
  • You are pregnant and would like to learn asana modifications.
  • You are looking to overcome plateaus in your practice.
  • You are dealing with life’s challenges for example stress, anxiety, insomnia, infertility, and/or mild depression.
  • You prefer private instruction over group classes.
  • You are looking to expand and/or refine your practice in challenging postures.

The Open Mind Center offers single sessions and unique private programs to best suit your needs.

Private Yoga Programs – 4 sessions each



Perfect for beginners
or for those practitioners who have stepped away from their practice for a period of time.

The Open Mind Center personalizes four sessions to provide the essential tools to practice safely and effectively.

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This is a wonderful opportunity
to refine and expand an existing practice or to receive individualized instruction for specific injuries and/or health related concerns. Sometimes a plateau of sorts is reached within one’s practice or injuries require the practitioner to modify a traditional practice.

The Development Program provides individualized alignment tools to broaden one’s experience and connect to their practice in a whole new way.

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Restorative yoga, meditation and guided relaxation techniques assist in calming the nervous system and releasing physical and emotional tension in The Open Mind Center’s Stress Relief Program.

This is a beautiful opportunity to truly experience the art of relaxation, crucial to keeping the mind and body functioning optimally.

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The Advanced Program offers an experienced practitioner the opportunity to explore more challenging postures like arm balances and inversions through this personalized program.

Practitioners learn cues specific to their own physicality in order to take their personal practice to whole new heights.

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Single Sessions

60 min



4 Sessions


~ Private yoga doesn’t have to be one on one.
It is lovely to share with friends, family or partner. Each additional person $25.

Cancellation less than 24 hours in advance will count as a session used.

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