Arts & Creativity

Arts & Creativity

We all have creative skills and talents they were born with. Some learn to cultivate their gifts earlier than others; but what everyone has in common is that we can all develop and use our innate abilities to create art and heal our mind, body, and spirit. The Open Mind Center encourages all to enjoy art as a means of personal growth and would be honored to join you on your journey!

The practice of creative arts has tremendous healing potential. Through art we can express emotions in ways that our daily lives may not allow. Art becomes the bridge between perception, mind, and spirit, deepening our understanding of our lives.

~ Get Creative at The Open Mind Center ~


The Open Mind Center believes that creative expression is essential to achieve balance and enlightenment. For this reason, encouraging self-expression and healing by promoting discovery is fundamental to The Open Mind Center. We offer arts and creativity classes in writing, dancing, drawing, painting, and many other artistic activities. At The Open Mind Center you will find a myriad of opportunities to awaken and hone your talents.


As we journey through life and search for meaning and purpose, we often encounter life changing circumstances or develop certain behaviors and belief systems that hold us back from progressing. Art therapy is a fun and effective way to get in touch with our emotions and uncover unconscious personal dilemmas in order to heal. There are endless benefits of art therapy that will allow individuals to live a happy, healthy, joyful, and productive life through creativity.

Many of us are held back by the inability to express our feelings, wants, and desires with words, but with the help of art, in whatever fashion, we can learn to communicate what may otherwise be difficult to do so. Having the freedom to communicate through creativity also gives us a platform and allows us to be understood by others while gaining skills and a sense of accomplishment for our success. With a new skill set and talent, we gain a higher sense of self esteem and self respect.

Change can be an extremely terrifying concept for many people. This can be due to an irrational sense of fear, or cloaked feelings of guilt, rage, pain, or anger. Therapy through the arts allows individuals to experiment change in a fun yet safe environment, which can then be translated outside of the classroom setting and implemented into their day-to-day lives.

Through these changes, clients are encouraged to keep making positive choices in life to gain an optimistic outlook of the future. Through continued expression, clients are able to gain trust in the process and tap into their inner power to discover existing abilities and skills to build further. By doing so, individuals are able to enhance their capacity to deal with circumstances that may be emotionally difficult to deal with otherwise.


The beauty about therapy through arts is that there are many modalities in which to approach this quest. Whether through art, music, drama, or dance, to name a few, individuals are able to explore their interests and talents and find what best suits their needs. The Open Mind Center provides a fun and safe environment that encourages people of all ages and walks of life to take part in finding creative ways to get their personal strength back and stand in power!

It Would Be Our Pleasure To Join You On This Fun An Exciting Journey Of Growth And Personal Restoration.