Spiritual Inquiry & Practice

Spiritual Inquiry & Practice

Do you believe that there is more to life than what you can physically see in plain sight? Do you believe that there is more to life than what you can physically see in plain sight? You are absolutely correct! We all have spiritual tools around us. Let us help you discover meaning and purpose through engaging with your spirituality!

Spiritual inquiry involves discovering answers that go beyond our predetermined beliefs. It is not the search for “the” answer but rather the journey for a deeper awareness of the energy around us. Through study and meditation, your spirituality can ascend. The Open Mind Center offers many classes, workshops, and tools to support this inquiry.


Everyone develops patterns and belief systems from an early age. Sometimes we are consciously aware of how and where they were formed. Other times, we need help uncovering the root of our actions and thoughts. The Center provides tools, services, and classes to help develop a keener sense of self.


Even without a definition, we understand the feeling of intuition. It’s a ‘gut’ feeling.

Intuitively, there is a need for spiritual growth and development. And counterintuitively, parts of ourselves not connected to intuition tells us to not listen to that voice.

The Center offers classes, services, and tools that help you tap into your spirit and identify what certain messages mean. You will learn how to raise your level of awareness, so you can understand the energy that is leading you to grow spiritually. Understand what is leading you to this place in your life. In time and with practice, you will see how powerful mindfulness and your intuition can be.


As with any skill, spirituality takes practice. Our instructors and spiritual guides have knowledge and experience to help you start and continue your journey. We incorporate many approaches, depending on your personal needs. You will be taught how to be guided by your intuition, how to redirect negative patterns and negative self-talk, and discover what type of subconscious thoughts are shaping your belief system. And there is much more to learn.

Our classes will help you begin your spiritual journey. As you grow, we will guide you through your next steps and even provide you with take home work to keep you on course. We provide a fun and supportive environment that encourages all questions and inquiries.

We will teach you how to trust and interpret messages that you receive, protect yourself from unwanted forces, clear your space, contact and use your guides, and eliminate your fears. You will be taught how to navigate in the spiritual realm to manifest the best possible life full of peace and love.

We can provide you with tools to engage with your spirituality in new ways. Stones can help promote your energy. Sage can help you reset energy. Tools like pendulums can be used in tangent with your intuition. Tarot cards are great for gaining insight.


Many people go through life feeling spiritually disconnected and unfulfilled. Our classes are meant to transform you so that you can stand in power.

Take time to glance at our web site for the perfect class, product, or service to help you rediscover your true self! The list of tools and resources is long, but you will find what you need at The Center. Begin your spiritual journey with our instructors and coaches, who will provide you with the tools you need to stay on track. Call us for more details.

The Open Mind Center would love to be your second home and safe haven and accompany you on your spiritual journey!