Arts & Creativity

Arts & Creativity

We believe that creative expression is essential to achieve balance and enlightenment. Cultivating your artistic gifts can heal the soul, promote self-exploration, and invigorate your spirit. Art as therapy is a fun and effective way to get in touch with your emotions.

~ Get Creative at The Open Mind Center ~


We are all born with creative skills and talents. Even if you have never engaged with creative pursuits, those talents exist and can be developed. And practicing arts can heal your mind and spirit. Through art we can express emotions in ways that normal life cannot. It can improve your self-esteem, help you feel connected to your intuition, and is one of the best means for personal growth.

We believe that everyone should make art.

The Center offers many avenues to engage with art while healing your spirit and growing spiritually. Our products include journals that can be used for creative or automatic writing, meditative adult coloring books, and stone cages for custom jewelry making. In the women’s circle you can connect with others and discuss creative pursuits, as well as important parts of life. Events at The Center often focus on creativity: art therapy, writing, music, and much more.

For these reasons, we encourage self-expression and healing through art. At The Open Mind Center, you will find a myriad of opportunities to awaken and hone your talents.


The beauty about therapy through art is that there are many modalities where you can incorporate art. People of all ages and walks of life should take part in finding creative ways to get their personal strength back and stand in power!