Virtual- Phone/Distant Cord-Cutting Sessions

Virtual- Phone/Distant Cord-Cutting Sessions

Connections to people can have a positive or negative effect on you. Etheric cords may form between co-workers, clients, spouses, family members, friends, and any love relationships. These energy cords can have an unhealthy effect on your day-to-day life and your personal well-being. A Cord-Cutting Session will help heal your energy by removing cords that tie you to unhealthy situations or people. To assist you, your practitioner will work with Angels and Spirit Guides, using Reiki and special healing techniques to respectfully remove negative energies. The healing helps you get unstuck so that you can move forward and live with more freedom and happiness.


Kristin QuarlesPractitioner: Intuitive reader Kristin Quarles is well trained and certified in several concentrations and practices. Some of her work includes psychic development, Intuitive reading, psychometry, picture reading, past life reading, psychic investigation, house clearing and blessing, soul rescue work, chakra balancing, body scans, psi scans, color therapy, inner light therapy, spiritual counseling and more. Her calling is help others heal and grow by connecting with source and delivering messages of love and guidance. Schedule your session with her today!

Available by appointment: Wednesdays, Thursdays & Fridays from 12:00-6:00pm

Investment: $60 from 30 min, $80 for 45 min, $100 for 60 min

I’m Ready to Let Go


Nicole MizPractitioner: Nicole is an Intuitive Clairvoyant Reader, Reiki Master Healer and Spiritual Artist. She works with your higher self and your angels to bring deep core healing and clarity for your soul’s journey. She has performed thousands of sessions over the past 20 years. You’ll be supported in a warm and comforting environment as you receive guidance about your spiritual path, life purpose, relationships, career, past life, angels, guides and more. Nicole also creates Soul Portrait drawings which are a unique way of seeing yourself and your light. It helps you to see your awesomeness and remember who you truly are. Available services include: Readings, Chakra Testing and Balancing, Energy Healing, Past Life Healing, Soul Portraits, and Intuitive consultations. Schedule your session with Nicole today!

Available by appointment: Mondays from 3:00-5:00pm & Wednesdays from 1:00-7:00pm. Tuesdays, Fridays and Saturdays 12:00- 6:00pm

Investment: $60 from 30 min, $80 for 45 min, $100 for 60 min

Yes! Please cut The Cords


Keela Starr

Keela, a native of Atlanta, is a Reiki Master and has been a Usui Reiki therapist and practitioner for 5 years. Her introduction to, and journey with, Reiki has been divinely inspired beginning with her Life Coach who was a Reiki Master through to her current Reiki practice where she uses her gift of empathic clairsentience and crystals to bring each client the sweet, gentle healing they need. She began this path with the goal of personal development, but soon discovered her life’s purpose- to help others. Keela began her work as a Reiki healer at a holistic health center for patients with addictions and she continues to be able to work with addiction therapy. She also works on emotional healing, grief therapy and womb healing. Her practice grows continually and consistently through referrals.

“There has always been an inner calling within me that wanted to help others. Reiki has definitely been the door to my purpose; I love opening the pathways for others with this beautiful gift.”

Available by appointment: Wednesdays 3:00-7:00pm & Saturdays 12:00-4:00pm

Investment: $100 for 60 min; $80 for 45 min, $60 from 30 min

Please do remove those cords


Jennifer FarrellJennifer is a life-long student of alternative, healing arts. As a Reiki practitioner, her personal mission is to make Reiki more widely understood and accessible. Eager to assist others on their journey toward positive changes, she is dedicated to helping clients improve their mental, emotional, and physical wellness through Reiki, intuitive counseling, and chakra work. Jens professional experience in counseling, communications, training, and customer care is evident in her healing practice. Connecting with clients and educating them about the benefits of improved energy flow, the use of essential oils, and developing wellness practices comes naturally to her. Her kind, compassionate, non-judgmental approach helps her clients feel more at ease, open up to new possibilities, and change their lives.

Available: Wednesdays & Fridays 12:00am-6:00pm & some Sundays 12:00am-6:00pm

Investment: $100 for 60 min; $80 for 45 min, $60 from 30 min

I’m Ready to Let Go!