At The Open Mind Center, we aim to provide new ways to assist our clients on their personal paths towards healing, enlightenment and relaxation. As part of that effort, our meditation room is open to the community throughout the day and is perfect for use on your lunch break or after work.

We also have a tea room where you are welcome to relax while you enjoy a cup of artisan tea.

Our crystal healing room is the perfect solution for anyone looking to use the energy of crystals to release mental, physical and/or emotional issues. So come and unwind in one of our relaxation rooms today!


This healing room was created for our customers to experience the benefits of crystal healing in a personal way. Enjoy the instrumental music with no interruptions or interactions from anyone else. We welcome you to sit in this room and relax, release and renew as you absorb the positive energy these crystals emit.
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Do you need a quiet place to sit? Are you stressed? Or, are you having problems connecting to your spiritual side? We can help.The Open Mind Center houses a meditation room for all to enjoy. Let our meditation room be your sanctuary. So if you need a place to go and clear your mind, de-stress from life’s challenges, find some inner peace, or reconnect to your spiritual side, stop by, it’s waiting for you.
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As both an integral part of holistic therapy and the most commonly consumed beverage in the world, tea is a vital component of our offerings. One of the most popular forms of tea, which is derived from the Camellia sinensis leaf, green tea, has been claimed to be helpful for diabetes, weight loss, and liver disease.
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