Women’s Circle - Feb 16th - The Open Mind Center

Women’s Circle – Feb 16th




Women have been gathering since the beginning of human history to share experiences, stories, thoughts, ideas, and prayers. Women’s Circle offers a safe and gentle space for women of all ages and backgrounds to come together and share the joys and challenges of womanhood.

This circle will be offered every third Thursday of each month.

Each month focuses on a new topic!

What to expect in a circle:

Before each Women’s Circle, a safe and sacred space will be created by using sage or Palo Santo. If anyone is sensitive to smoke, we will use selenite crystals. Both work well for cleansing and clearing.

Next, we will call for support with an invocation of our ancestors, angels, and spirit guides for the highest good of all attendees.

We will open the circle by introducing the subject that has been chosen. Subjects will vary each session and can include nature, creativity, ancestral lineage, food, beauty, as well as many other feminine-related subjects. Live-guided meditation, angel card readings, poem readings, chanting, songs, or other ceremony rituals will be included in our time together. Fellowship and opportunities to better understand intuition and tools of divination will be a part of each class.

Attendees are welcome to enjoy herbal teas offered.