Pride Circle! – March 9th - The Open Mind Center

Pride Circle! – March 9th




The Pride Circle is an inclusive, open-minded, safe space for those that may find themselves along the broad spectrum of LGBT+ identities. Each gathering is an opportunity to connect with others and to learn more about spirituality and metaphysics in a welcoming space. Our Circle lovingly invites all members of the community to meet at The Center to exchange ideas, resources, art, and experiences, with a new topic each month.

This circle will be offered the second Thursday of each month.

What to expect:

We will open the circle by introducing ourselves and our feelings or understanding of the chosen subject. Each circle will vary in subject, but can include embodying authenticity, coming out, shadow work, owning your power, empathizing for others, the metaphysical perspective of labels, intuition, and many more. We will hold space for each person in attendance and honor the path that they have taken to get here. All are welcome to share as little or as much as they are inclined. You can nourish your curiosity in holistic wellness and spiritual enlightenment in a warm, encouraging setting, with meaningful discussions, meditations, and rituals curated for each meeting.

We will present exercises and tools that can help you focus on the present and better connect with your highest self.

You deserve a space where you can build meaningful connections with others on similar journeys. We hope to see you there!