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Past Life Regression


Appointment Schedule – Past Life Regressions are available Wednesdays and Thursdays, with the first appointment open at 12pm and the last at 5pm. If your preferred time/day is unavailable, we will contact you to make alternative arrangements.

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Past Life Regressions use guided imagery to help you retrieve information from your past lives. The fact that we have all lived many different lives in a variety of places and roles has a direct influence on our current life and who we are today. This helps explain why we are drawn to certain cultures, professions, hobbies, people, and relationships. Our soul stores the memories of these life times and we are able to access this knowledge using hypnotic or meditative regression techniques.

These sessions are helpful because they can provide answers to the root causes of issues you are currently facing. They can also uncover where your blockages are and what some of your habitual issues have been through many life times. A greater understanding of your personal relationships with friends and family members can also be uncovered in these sessions.


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