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Manifesting with the Moon – In Person




Each moon phase has a specific energy or frequency that, when you are in tune with, can help us to not only learn the cycles in our own lives but allows us to really connect to ourselves in a way that we may not often do. Each lunar cycle we will cover a different phase of the moon.

In these Manifesting with the Moon courses, we will discuss how to align with the powerful energies of the Moon to manifest your dreams. You will learn about the different phases of the Moon and how to align and use these energies to transform your life. In this modern world we have forgotten the ancient wisdom of how to align with the cycles of nature.

This is a great course for empaths, creatives, healers, magicians, witches and anyone who would like to learn more about moon cycles and manifestation

Each class includes practical tools such as live-guided meditations, ritual practices, worksheets/workbooks corresponding to the moon phase as well as a free 2022 moon phase calendar to take with you.

We offer this class in person on Sunday afternoons, or virtually on Thursday nights, corresponding with the phase of the moon we are covering. You get to choose the time and format that is most convenient for you each month!

This specific class for the Sunday, in person class.