Dance for Healing – July 21st - The Open Mind Center

Dance for Healing – July 21st


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Let go of your stress in a fun and supportive event: Dance for Healing!

In this guided experience, you will dance to healing beats, connect with Mother Nature, and apply somatic movements with EFT tapping. This class is designed to relieve stress, connect you with your Sacral and Root Chakras, and improve your mood!

You can expect to:

Get sweaty! Although the whole class isn’t dancing and movement, some songs require constant movement.
Use EFT Tapping. Songs will include moments to tap along the meridian points while chanting mantras.
Embody your inner beast. Some classes may focus on embodying an animal spirit.
Activate your Throat Chakra. During songs you may be guided to hum or sing to release tension.

Your body is YOURS to shake. Shed off your stress and connect with Pachamama (Mother Nature) in Dance for Healing!