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Chakra Balancing Certification – Aug. 29th


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Discover the power of chakra balancing in our immersive certification class. We will explore the seven chakras, their connections to the body’s energy centers, and learn how to heal and balance these areas using affirmations, crystals, nutrition, sound, and color.

Through practical tools and hands-on exercises, you’ll learn to harmonize your chakras and ground your energy. This leads to enhanced emotional and spiritual well-being.

The class concludes in a relaxing sound bath featuring singing bowls tuned to the frequencies of the chakras. So, bring your yoga mats, pillows, and anything else that will help you feel comfy!

Upon completion, you’ll receive a certificate of completion, affirming your knowledge of Chakra Balancing. This course not only helps you balance your own chakras but also equips you with the skills to assist clients and customers in achieving their own energetic harmony.

Join us to unlock a deeper understanding of your energy and achieve a more balanced, centered, and harmonious life, while also empowering others to do the same.


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