Classes & Workshops

Classes & Workshops


The Open Mind Center offers a wide variety of courses.

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Whether you are new traveler on your spiritual wayfaring journey or are looking to increase your knowledge in holistic health and wellness, The Open Mind Center has a class or workshop that is perfect for you! If you’ve had even an inkling of curiosity or a hint of intuition telling you to step out and discover what your purpose is and how to fulfill it, we can show you the way. Here is a taste of what we offer:

Below are our current offerings:


bigstock-Meditation-at-yoga-class-55274075-optYoga is a safe, exhilarating workout that will calm your mind, strengthen your body, and change your life. We offer classes suitable for all fitness levels and invite you to come as you are. We provide an intimate environment with well trained teachers to help you reach optimal health and avoid injury.
Yoga is temporarily on hold.


classes-holisticHolistic practices give attention to the physical, mental, and spiritual well-being equally. The holistic point of view states that no one part can function alone. All must be in balance and work in harmony to experience optimal health and fitness. We can teach you ways to naturally heal aches, pains, and discomforts while being proactive in preventing illness. Having a holistic mindset tends to naturally open one up spiritually which helps keep both the mind and body in balance.


classes-personal-developmentHave you ever woken up and asked yourself “what am I doing here?” or “what is my purpose?” If so, you are like millions of people on the planet–most of which never take steps to address their burning questions. If you are in a place of introspection and are curious as to where to start to improve your life and find true happiness and joy, The Open Mind Center is here waiting to walk the journey with you!


classes-professional-developmentAre you in search of a new full or part-time career, want to expand the dimensions of your current livelihood or are inspired to make a difference in the lives of others? Well, The Open Mind Center offers professional development classes designed to help you live out your purpose, stand in authenticity and personal power, AND maximize your monetary potential. Yes, you heard it here—it IS possible to have it all! We are here to show you that everything you need in order to advance is already within you.


classes-spiritual-inquiry&practicesSpiritual inquiry involves uncovering revelations that go beyond our predetermined beliefs and understanding. Gaining a better understanding of the spiritual dimension and diving into the metaphysical realm will give you answers to how certain situations and relationships manifest in your physical world. Nothing in this life is arbitrary—all things serve a purpose to our benefit. Our classes and workshops will help you uncover answers that many spend an entire life searching for. Join us today—you have nothing to lose and everything to gain!


classes-arts&creativityFor many, art becomes the bridge between perception, mind, and spirit, deepening our understanding of our lives. Through art we can express emotions in ways that our daily lives may not allow. Creative expression can serve as an emotional mentor to those who may not have been taught how to identify or deal with their emotions or are simply not comfortable doing so otherwise. In order to heal and grow, you must rid yourself of the fear that causes emotional paralysis. The Open Mind Center promotes a variety of fun, artistic, and creative modalities to help you become emotionally and spiritually grounded.

The Open Mind Center Welcomes You With Open Arms To Make Us Your Home For All Your Health And Wellness Needs.