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beginners-hatha-classesImprove your daily routine, combat the effects of your day, and join us for this transformative yoga class! All Levels Yoga will challenge your mind and body while allowing you to focus on maintaining your center and your breath. Hatha Flow encourages the release of built up stress and tension while you achieve the physical benefits of yoga.

Experienced beginners and advanced practitioners are offered variations and modification specific to their unique level. An uplifting and refreshing experience.
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yoga-classesBuild your practice and deepen your experiences through the fundamentals of yoga. Students are instructed and supported in the process of learning proper alignment, breathing and relaxation techniques. The use of props is encouraged to support the practice and create greater confidence.

This is a moderately paced class and open to the beginner and experienced practitioner.
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hatha-classesIntermediate Yoga is perfect for one moving from Basics to All Levels.  Ready to join us on a mat in the journey of exploration? This class is suitable for students who have an established yoga practice and want to take it to a deeper level, refine the poses, integrating alignment with breath and movement. You will have a chance to experience the freedom of arm balances, liberation of backbends, intensity of the flow, and the sustaining current of the ever-present breath that carries us through all of it.

A great segway into The Open Mind – Gentle/Restorative and The Open Mind – Basics classes. Pre-registration is required.
This is a moderately paced class and open to the beginner and experienced practitioner.
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gentle-yoga-productThe Open Mind Center’s Gentle class is open to all students. Release stress, increase flexibility and balance the mind/body connection through gentle flowing movements, meditation and longer held Restorative postures. Gentle stretching and movement warms the muscles and releases tension to prepare the body and mind for rest and stillness.

The Open Mind Center’s instructors infuse breathing and relaxation techniques and offer supportive props to help students release layers of tension and revitalize natural rhythms. A wonderful calming and relaxing experience.
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hatha-instructor-qaYin Yoga is a passive yoga class focused on deep stretching of the connective tissues. These tissues make up the tendons, ligaments and joints of the body. Where muscles need a faster active stretch, connective tissues need a longer deeper stretch. Yin postures are held for approximately 3-8 minutes and practiced in either seated or supine positions. You’ll balance out the body, as well as bring stillness and peace to the ever-active mind. A perfect way to balance your more active classes and workouts!

A yin approach works to promote flexibility in areas often perceived as nonmalleable, especially in the hips, pelvis, and lower spine. This practice is available to all levels.
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