At The Open Mind Center, the vast array of classes, activities, services and products provides less traveling for the body, more journeying for the soul!

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The Open Mind Center: Wellness Center in Atlanta

Are you ready to reveal your most authentic self? As a beautiful, powerful person, you have unlimited potential to soar. Join us at The Open Mind Center where you will heal your body, nourish your soul, and awaken your spirit.

Enjoy your greatest growth, a remarkable increase in energy, and a breakthrough in love and magic. Sign up for holistic classes, health and wellness services and products today!

The Open Mind Center is your all-inclusive home for instructive programs, holistic health and wellness services, and transformational products.

We have created a special place in Georgia where people and ideas converge. Our goal is to facilitate personal development, conscious relationships, and optimal health. Our center is a well-spring of holistic thought and practice, a sanctuary from the stresses of modern life.

The Open Mind Center offers classes and workshops in the areas of:
Yoga, Bodywork, & Movement
Holistic Health
Spiritual Inquiry & Practice
Personal Development
Professional Development
Arts & Creativity

Additionally, The Open Mind Center provides wellness and bodywork services such as meditation, massage therapy, and energy healing.

The Open Mind Center houses a holistic gift & bookstore, offering a wide selection of holistic books, candles, crystals, incense, jewelry, personal care products, teas, meditation supplies, yoga supplies, and much more. A portion of our proceeds are donated monthly to charitable organizations.

If that’s not enough, we also feature a tea room where you can unwind while sipping tea or waiting for a class or service.

Our 6,800 square foot facility is warm and alluring. Our friendly and highly skilled staff is always eager to assist you, and our teachers bring a wealth of knowledge and wisdom.

Gather your family and friends for one of our Special Events or inquire about our Space Rentals to schedule a meeting of your own.

The Open Mind Center: A place to be. A way to be.